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A laser focussed approach on the fan experience means our Fan Platform is the best place to sell your tickets and excite your fans. With advanced features and massive flexibility, we can cater for any type of event, big or small.


A ticketing site like no other.


Global visitors per year


Events sold around the world every year


Tickets sold every day, globally

Digital Ticketing

The future of ticketing has already arrived. Reach more fans worldwide and give them a safe and secure way to buy, share and sell tickets. Learn more about Digital Ticketing

Ticket Transfer

Give your fans flexibility, no more waiting for everyone to arrive. With Digital Tickets and Ticket Transfer, every fan can have their own ticket. Providing added security, this allows you to know who is in the venue.

Ticket Exchange

Plans change. When fans aren’t able to attend your event, our Ticket Exchange lets them sell to someone else, recuperating their costs and enabling another fan to go. All in a safe and secure environment.  
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Promoting your brand.

Rich Content

Get your message across and give your fans the info they need, all in a rich, beautiful and responsive page. Clearly presented and endlessly expandable, fans can get all the details they need to make the right decision.


Your brand extends onto our sites. Showcase your brand throughout our checkout using your colours and logo. Give fans an immersive experience and increase the excitement for your events. Learn more about our branding solutions
Making it easier for fans.

Smart Queue

When there are thousands of fans waiting to get tickets, our Smart Queue makes sure it’s fair and informed.

Waiting List

Sold out? Waiting List lets you collect fan data to monitor demand and contact potential buyers when tickets next become available.

Interactive Seat Map

Our Interactive Seat Maps are the best way for fans to find the right tickets and seats for them and their friends.

This goes global.
Expand your reach with no extra cost. When your event is on Ticketmaster, it’s on Ticketmaster sites around the world, available for anyone to buy. Learn more about our reach
More than just tickets.


Need to sell memberships or reduced price tickets for members? We’ve got you covered. 


Sell more than just tickets with us, offer your fans album sales, merch, parking and much more.

Ticket Vouchers

If your event has to be postposed or cancelled, you can offer fans a voucher to redeem against another one of your events.

All event types. Covered.

Access Codes

Not all events need tickets. You can sell single use access codes for online events, just like any other.

Timed Entry

To help avoid crowds or to allow multiple events throughout the day, timed entry can be enabled so fans know when to arrive.

Calender View

For long running events, our Calendar View helps fans view availablility day by day.

Want to give your fans the best experience?