Digital Tickets

The future of ticketing has arrived. Reach more fans worldwide and give them a safe and secure way to buy, share and sell tickets. Digital ticketing means more flexibility for your fans, enhanced security and more marketing data for you. 


This is Ticket Transfer

Tickets, now with flexibility

Fans can transfer their tickets quickly and easily. No more waiting around for everyone to arrive, allowing fans more time in the venue.

It’s free to transfer tickets to friends and family and new ticket holders can opt-in to marketing announcements, increasing your reach. And when you know a bit more about the fans attending your show, you can tailor your marketing to make it more relevant to each fan.

With every fan having their own ticket, it’s easier to implement contactless entry and create a more accurate contact tracing programme.

How it works

1. In My Account, the ticket holder selects an event and taps ‘Transfer’.

2. They select the tickets they want to transfer and provide a name, email address and message for the recipient.

3. The recipient receives an email, inviting them to accept the transfer and they can either login or create a new Ticketmaster account to accept.

4. The tickets are now available in the recipients account and marked as ‘transferred‘ in the purchasers account.

Making Live More Secure.
With more fans holding their own individual ticket, you can know who is in the venue at any time.
Keeping your fans and staff safe during COVID-19 is top priority. Digital ticketing enables contactless entry, keeping fans and venue staff at a safe distance.
If required, digital tickets and ticket transfer can help you create a more accurate COVID-19 contact tracing programme.
More Marketing Power
With tickets being transferred to individual fans, you now get to know more fans than ever before. Every ticket recipient has the opportunity to opt in to hear from you, increasing your marketing reach for your next event.

You will be able to learn more about your audience through ticket transfer, getting insight and data on more than just the ticket buyer, so you can make your marketing more relevant for each fan.

Meet our Fan-to-Fan Ticket Exchange.

Plans Change

When someone can’t go to a show, they can now sell their ticket safely and securely on the Ticketmaster Fan-To-Fan Ticket Exchange. More happy fans and more people attending your event.

With no paper tickets to sell, digital tickets secures your event against unauthorised resale and touts, putting you in back in control.

How it works

1. In My Account, the ticket holder selects an event and taps ‘Sell‘.

2. They select the tickets they want to sell, provide payment details and set the price up to the maximum you decide.

3. The tickets are now listed for sale on the original event page and marked as ‘Listed for Resale‘ in My Account.



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