Improve fan experience, streamline entry, and expand your marketing capabilities with Ticket Transfer.

Ticket Transfer enables each fan to have their own ticket on their device. A ticket in the hands of each fan means streamlined entry for your event. Fans no longer have to wait for the rest of their group to arrive to enter the venue nor do they need to swipe through multiple tickets on their phone to scan in. 

Now you can better understand your audience — from the patrons who made the purchase to the fans in your stands — which can grow your marketing potential for future events. Our fully integrated product suite allows event owners to use Ticketmaster tools to personalize engagement and drive revenue through offers and upsells.

The way it works is, fans use My Account to select the tickets they want to transfer and provide name, email and an optional message. The recipient receives an email and the option to accept or decline. Once accepted, tickets are securely transferred to the new account and marked as ‘transferred’ in the original account.

It’s all part of our mission to improve the fan experience and help you develop long lasting relationships!

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